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As a northeast Iowa native, Courtney has intimate knowledge of the area and a strong desire to make her home, your home. Courtney moved to Cedar Falls back in 2015 to attend school at the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers!). She became very fond of the area during that time and loved everything that the Cedar Valley had to offer so she decided to plant some roots. Working in real estate the past 3+ years has allowed her to see all the backend aspects and details of the real estate process from start to finish. 


Coming from a long family line of contractors she has been to construction sites and on top of roofs since she could walk. Finding a career path that aligned with houses and real estate just made sense.


There are multiple reasons why Courtney loves real estate. Her favorite has to be the fluidity of it. She loves the pace and the change. No client, no house, no market is ever the same. She loves that she can keep bettering and educating herself for her clients. You truly learn something new everyday in this profession and that is not an exaggeration. 


In all of her spare time, you can find Courtney planning her next new adventure, drinking chai tea at a local cafe, with her nose in a book, ordering Chinese takeout, taking her fur babies on a walk, or spending time with her fiancé, Dakota. Courtney is a big family girl and that is reflected within her profession as well. She wants everyone to be treated like family. Her business is built on communication, dedication, and transparency. The perfect recipe to obtain success for all of her clients!


Courtney’s true passion is people. Selling beautiful houses is just a bonus. She loves helping her clients every step of the way with one of, if not the biggest investment of their life. Seeing a house become a home is a pretty indescribable feeling. Real estate is a way of life, more than just a career for her. She wants relationships to continue past closing day!

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