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Born and raised in Iowa, Jes has made the Cedar Valley her work, her life and her home.  Ranging from communities like Reinbeck all the way up to Charles City, her knowledge of areas and people are extensive.  Jes has over 20 years of experience in many facets of real estate including closings, title, lending, and real estate law, but her favorite is by far selling.  She has a passion for making clients into friends and also looking out for her people and their best interests.


Jes has so many favorite parts of real estate, but some of her favorites are working with first time home buyers, helping assist with tricky sales deals, and working through negotiations.  Keeping everyone informed and solving problems before they happen is her “real estate superpower” and she is always available to answer any questions no matter what the material (and some questions definitely get a little off the wall).


When Jes isn’t helping her clients, you can find her drinking coffee, doing yoga, working on the next big project, reading or being with her husband, Erik, and daughter, Aya.  Even though she has a super small family, she always treats her clients as if they were her family and she cannot wait to welcome you in.


Working with Jes is like having a real estate advisor on your side every step of the way.  She wants you to learn and earn through real estate and she wants to learn from you.  Making houses into homes…that is her why.

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